"You get there by realizing you are already there." Eckhart Tolle

Welcome to Sacred Spirit Awakening.

Guiding you in manifesting your best life

by restoring balance and alignment of body, mind and spirit.

"All that we are is a result of all that we thought"



Living in balance and maintaining aligned energy allows us to live our lives at the highest potential. Reiki restores balance, realigns energy and promotes wholeness of body, mind and spirit

Through regular meditation we become aware of our true selves. This awareness allows us to manifest our most joyful, fulfilling, true lives.


Reiki, life coaching and QHHT are ways to empower ourselves, recognize the healer within, become aware of our highest self and connect with our inner spirit. By giving this gift to ourselves we invite a life of greater bliss, joy and love. 

Services & Classes

Reiki: A 60 minute energy balancing session that creates deep relaxation and promotes wholeness of body, mind and spirit.


Chakra Clearing:  A 75 minute session to balance and clear chakras using reiki, violet flame and sound healing.

Intuitive Life Coaching:  Individualized sessions to help you achieve your goals and create the life you want.

QHHT: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique as taught by Dolores Cannon. 

This is a past life regression and opportunity to connect with the Subconscious/Oversoul. 

Tap Into Your Intuition

Classes designed to awaken your intuition and deepen your meditation practice. Next Class December 20th 7:15 p.m. at ABT Yoga in Topsfield, MA. 


Reiki Classes: Certification classes in reiki 1, 2, and master level.

Sessions at The Cummings Center, located in the city of Beverly on Boston's North Shore.








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For a limited time, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is being provided on a sliding scale, love offering.  Please contact me for more information.