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About Me

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Julie McCarthy 

Julie learned at a young age that there is a still and powerful space of truth within where freedom, love and peace reside. Having started meditating in her teens she experienced the inherent serenity of spiritual alignment and connection.  Julie believes that each person has innate knowing and healing ability and through spiritual practice these gifts can be realized and refined, bringing a great sense of purpose and well-being into one’s life.

With an interest in helping people live their most authentic life, Julie completed her undergraduate studies in the field of Psychology.  She completed her graduate and post-graduate work in education.  Having been considered ‘sensitive’ as a child she has devoted years working with children and adults who may be considered ‘sensitive.’  Julie has developed a keen awareness of the gifts that lie within the sensitive person, and she seeks to help individuals recognize, embrace and use these gifts in the most meaningful way for them.

After becoming a mother and having her natural intuition amplified, she began pursuing her passion for wellness of body, mind and spirit through use of meditation, reiki and energy healing.  Having found that often this and past life trauma stuck in cellular memory, karmic patterns, and limiting beliefs and thought forms can inhibit authentic expression and validation of self, Julie pursued training in reiki, past life regression, life coaching and other energy healing modalities. She incorporates crystals, and sound healing as part of her practice.  

Julie attended the Edgar Cayce Institute where she trained to become a certified life coach under the direction of Peter Woodbury. She is also certified in regression hypnosis via training from Peter Woodbury. She is trained as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy. This technique was discovered by Dolores Cannon. She completed her reiki master training and teacher training under the direction of Olga Kaminsky of and reiki I & II training with Joanna Scaparotti of Julie holds level one Thai bodywork training, completed under the direction of Olga Kaminsky.  She worked with Ruth Wilson of Intuitive Coaching, has taken courses through the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness, and participated in intuitive development and meditation classes to broaden her intuitive skills and enrich her spiritual practice.

She believes in the benefits of life coaching, past life regression and reiki to help individuals  tap into their intuition and experience a life that is fulfilling and a genuine self expression.

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