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Intuitive Life Coaching 

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"Julie's keen ability to see the truth and to share this with compassion has led me to more unconditional love in my life and for myself." Gayle M.

Intuitive Life Coaching

As a certified life coach I help individuals reclaim their inner power, strength and sense of purpose. I use a combination of coaching strategies, intuition and energetic healing to guide you to achieve your goals and create the life that you want. 


Do you feel that something within you is holding you back from living the most authentic and joyful life that you are meant to live?


Within you is the innate wisdom, strength and determination to live your Highest Life Purpose.  Sometimes insecurities, old patterns and blocks hold you back.   But once you align to your true self, miracles happen. You will begin to draw to you experiences and relationships that are supportive and loving. You will express yourself in the world in a way that is authentic and therefore energizing and invigorating.

Intuitive life coaching can help you:

Release – Identify and remove blocks that are holding you back.  Transform and/or let go of unhealthy patterns, relationships and situations to free up your energy and invite the ‘good stuff’ in.


Own and love who you are – Discover, own and cherish who you are with your unique make-up.  What is your ‘super power’ that only you can bring to the world?

Stand in your power – Reclaim how truly powerful you are. You are a Divinely powerful being that is meant to live with integrity and harmony.

Open your heart – Live a life of joy and passion, one that is lived with heart. Learn how to keep your heart open while maintaining healthy boundaries.  Recognize the strength, courage and joy of a heart centered life.

Create the life YOU want – Learn a new way to create and align to what you truly want. Manifesting becomes natural to you and occurs with ease and grace as you release that which doesn’t serve you, own who you are, stand in your power and open your heart.

In your coaching sessions you will:

  • Identify which aspects of your life you are seeking greater satisfaction.

  • Set goals and identify actions that will help you realize these goals as well as those that inhibit their realization.

  • Create weekly action steps and carry out exercises to move you toward your goals.


Contact me to schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation.  During this consultation we will complete a self-exploration activity to help you determine if my coaching services would be helpful to you. 

Fee: $125 per hour or personal investment of $850 per eight sessions.  This is highly recommended as a more cost effective option further a personal commitment to multiple sessions is more likely to bring desired results. Assignments/practices between session are designed for each client based on individual goals and needs.

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