Violet Tulip - Divine Love and Abunance

Tap Into Your Intuition

Join us and tap into your innate intuition. Within this caring group, you will explore your natural intuitive gifts, through meditation, sharing love and light energy with each other and a variety of activities designed to teach you how to listen to and trust your intuitive nudges. 

You will have the chance to experience various types of meditation each class, such as guided, silent, sound, chakra clearing and various breath work based meditations.  During each class you will practice reading other people's energy, sharing love/light energy and intuitive information, while maintaining healthy boundaries. Through practice connecting to your Higher Self, Oversoul and Divine Presence and guides, you have the opportunity to gain deeper Self awareness and trust of your own inner wisdom and gifts. 

This class is appropriate for individuals of all levels of intuitive ability. The unique gifts you bring are valued by the group as a whole. 





Violet Flame Transmutation and Activation

The Ascended Master St. Germain is a master of the science of alchemy.  As a master on the seventh ray of the violet flame, he invites us to use the fullness of this flame to experience true freedom, transmutation, transformation, diplomacy, service and the application of true alchemy.  It is a great gift that we have these resources available to us.  Through activation of the violet flame we can remove karmic patterns and transmute negative energies, thought patterns and feelings within us that hold us back from living our highest spiritual potential. This flame is a seventh ray vibration of freedom’s love and when invoked can bring relief and release to our physical, mental, emotional, etheric and subtle bodies. Thus setting us on the path of freedom from our karmic traps and inviting us to enter the sacred dance of alignment to our Divine Essence.

In this class, we call upon the healing master St. Germain to assist us as we:

- complete a guided meditation to begin the process of karmic release using violet flame activation

- enter into a deep meditative state activating the healing power of the violet flame in our four bodies and subtle bodies in all dimensions and states of consciousness

- recite an invocation to spark the healing power of the violet flame within ourselves and throughout the planet

**Healing crystals will be provided to assist in activating the violet flame

If you would like to bring either class to your studio or wellness center please contact info@sacredspiritawakening, (781) 307-5884.