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Violet Tulip - Divine Love and Abunance


Tap Into Your Intuition

Join us and tap into your innate intuition. Within this caring group, you will explore your natural intuitive gifts, through meditation and a variety of activities designed to teach you how to listen to and trust your intuitive nudges. 

You will have the chance to experience a brief meditation each class. The meditation may be guided, silent, sound, chakra clearing or breath work based.  During each class you will practice reading other people's energy, sharing intuitive information, while maintaining healthy boundaries. Through practice connecting to your Higher Self, Oversoul and Divine Presence and guides, you have the opportunity to gain deeper Self awareness and trust of your own inner wisdom and gifts. 

This class is appropriate for individuals of all levels of intuitive ability. The unique gifts you bring are valued by the group as a whole. 

Next class: Summer 2022 Date TBD Cost: $25

If you would like to bring this class to your studio or wellness center please contact info@sacredspiritawakening, (781) 307-5884.

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